Under Electric



“Under electric clouds” - its the unterwined novels, that take place in summer and winter, when first snow has fallen. The novels that live under its own rules, above all emotional. Its an album of interralated stories about the country where the past, present and future had connected together in a paradoxial way. The characters, which crosses and goes separate ways, make a mosaic of existence that is our life itself.

The film is produced by Metrafilms company (the producer is Artem Vasiliev) under the sponsirship of Ministry for Culture of Russian Federation and Linked films company, based in Ukraine (the producer is Sergei Yahontov) under the sponsorship of Ukrainian State Film Agency. With the participation of Apple Film (the producer is Dariusz Jablonski) and Krzysztof Zanussi (Poland).

Metrafilms produces commercials, feature films and special projects.

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